Earn It.

Show It.

Reward the feat

with a little bling

for the feet!


About Us

Runner and Triathlete Rewards

Race-Kred(ibility) is a personal symbol of achievement and perseverance.  I started Race-Kred after running my first marathon, and I wanted something each athlete can wear as a reminder of their athletic accomplishments.  Everyone has it in them to accomplish something great – whether you’re participating in your first (or tenth) endurance event, be proud of your performance and inspire others to earn their own.

Weighing in at 7 grams, about the same as two dimes, Race-Kred shoe swag won’t slow you down (in fact, it may make you faster). Our new Kreds are made of 100% stainless steel.  Our original models are 100% zinc alloy complete with an eye-catching plating finish.  Load up your laces as well as those around you who know just how phenomenal that finish line feels.

Know someone who has just completed their first milestone race?  Reward them with a little bling to boast their feat.  Cover your laces with your races!

Got Questions?  Maybe this will help…

Q. How big is the Race-Kred shoe lace charm? Will it feel heavy on my shoe?

Answer: Race-Kred is very small. It weighs 7 grams (about the same as 2 dimes) and is 20mm wide and 17mm tall. You won’t be able to feel the bead on your shoe. As you can see from this picture, they are small enough to fit multiple Race-Kreds on one shoe.

Q. What is Race-Kred made of?

Answer: Race-Kreds are made of EITHER 100% Stainless Steel or Zinc Alloy.  Check the details on each Kred – newer Kreds are stainless because they last longer.  The Zinc Alloy Kreds are rust-protected to improve durability (up to 1 year, depending on moisture exposure), and the stainless steel Kreds are built to last!

Q. Will my Race-Kred rust if you run in the rain?

Answer: As of June 2013, we are coating the zinc alloy Kreds with a rust-protecting spray to help prevent the silver plating from rusting too quickly if the Kreds get wet.  If you bought your Kred prior to June 2013 and it is rusting, please send a picture to and we will send you a replacement Kred.  The stainless steel Kreds will not rust.

Q. Can I order custom Race-Kred shoe swag for a specific race?

Answer: Custom beads can be ordered with a specific race logo (space permitting). Minimum order quantity is 500. Bulk pricing discounts are also available starting with quantities of 100 for our existing Kreds.  For more information, read about custom Kreds here, or please contact us at for more details.

Q. Do you wholesale Race-Kred?

Answer:  Yes.  Race-Kred is sold in several running, triathlon and wellness stores.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested in carrying Race-Kred in your stores.

Q. I don’t see a Race-Kred for my event? (i.e. 3-day walk, 150 Miles, etc)

Answer: Please let us know what other Race-Kred you would like to see available on our site. We are certainly open to adding to our product line. Please contact us at

Q. How long does it take to get my Kreds?

Answer:  We ship via USPS and your order should arrive in 3-6 business days in the US.  Shipping to non-US countries will vary depending on the distance.

Still perplexed?  Reach out to us at